Template Customization

Static Web Design India is a simple web designing solution offered by metR Technology. A static website is the easiest way to achieve online presence for your products or services. The Static Web Design should be compatible with W3C standard as well as appear appealing to the visitors to get converted into prospective customers. A perfect combination of these two features of Static Web Design is a path to online success.

metR Technology creates excellent static web designs which are cost effective. A static web site is suitable where updating of products or services is not required. Static website designs are browser friendly and easy to navigate. However, making changes to static websites require web programming, which we blend with our expertise in creating a Static Web Design.

Static Website Designing pages basically include a combination of content and code. Therefore, static pages are more expensive to maintain but are easily optimized for search engines. Static Website Designing is suitable for the clients who just need web presence for their services / products, but for businesses that undergo change regularly should opt for a better option of dynamic Website Design in India.