B2B Portal

In the rapidly evolving world of e-business, a versatile portal technology with cross-industry knowledge and resourceful accomplishments in the design, helps in promoting full-service B2B (business to business) & B2C (business to consumer) portals to optimize business, augment efficiencies, develop distribution channels and guarantee competitive advantage in upright market.

B2B is chiefly about management of supply chain and it plays a crucial role in integrating manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

Advantages of B2B Portal:-

  • Increases Productivity
  • Increases revenue
  • Decreases customers overhead cost
  • Decreases business overhead cost
  • Customer Service Benefits
  • Participation of community
  • Reduces time cycle
  • Features of B2B portal
  • Intranet/Internet Home for corporate employees
  • content Management Solution
  • Announcements/ events/ news can be posted
  • Search and information Functionality
  • Simple Registration process for users
  • Contacts and leads database
  • Sales statistics
  • Discussion forums

Administration Panel for Backend process

Our featured B2B portal includes B2B technology support, Application Development (Microsoft .NET-based Web Solutions), Content & Document Management, Web Hosting, B2B Applications, Business Process Automation & Implementation, Support technologies such as PHP, WEB Logic, JavaScript, XML and Systems Integration.

We take you through a process that assesses the needs of your business as well as its objectives. From here we are able to establish a course for a web portal development that will allow accessibility to your site as well as enhance usability of this same site. This means that through your site you remain interconnected to those things that matter the most, the clients and other businesses.